Our clients opinion

The website IMMO.LT posted an object that we found interesting. We contacted Mr. Miskinis at the end of 2019. And when we decided to purchase the object, Mr. Miskinis guided us every step along the whole acquisition process. We did not have the time required to attend the sale ourselves in Lithuania, therefore we granted power of attorney to Mr. Miskinis to do this in our stead. And he handled this role to our full satisfaction. We received all the details of the process and the communication took place in German which Mr. Miskinis is fluent at. Therefore, all the steps were taken smoothly and without any problems. Every one of our questions was answered immediately. The communication was professional and very gentle and polite so we were fully informed and well advised at all times. We sincerely recommend services of Mr. Miskinis and are truly grateful to him.


Sabine M. / Udo F.


Five Stars Rating