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Procurement of a Samogitian farm by Mr. Mindaugas Miskinis in July/August 2019. I was looking for a medium sized land with residential building in the Lithuanian countryside. As a result, I came into contact with Mr. Mindaugas Miskinis through the internet portal IMMO.LT, who offered me several possible objects from his portfolio at two on-site meetings in Samogitia in western Lithuania. I found the right one and Mr. Miskinis gave me a beautiful, larger property with an old farm, conveniently located, yet in beautiful quiet nature in Samogitia and only about 45 minutes from the Baltic Sea. Mr. Miskinis was a highly reliable, eloquent and expert broker from the first visit to the notary's appointment - and beyond. Through his friendly, trustworthy and accessible way, he has come in well with my ideas and was able to offer me a suitable object after a very short time. Mr. Miskinis speaks next to Lithuanian, very good German and English and was assisting me at any time during the settlement with words and deeds. I greatly appreciate his commitment and help, which extended beyond the notary's appointment. I can definitely recommend him. A client of Mr. Miskinis is in very professional hands! I am available for occasional queries.


Sven B.


Five Stars Rating