Our satisfaction with Mr. Mindaugas Miškinis’ work was immense. This has been our first acquisition of real estate in Lithuania and throughout this experience we felt excellent and being very well taken care of. Please accept our sincere gratitude for this and a promise to use IMMO.LT services again when we decide to buy more real estate. We are over the moon about our new purchase. Warmest regards from Germany.

Lukas G. / Cedric W.


Zusammen mit meinem Mann bedanken wir uns herzlich beim Herrn Mindaugas Miskinis für seine fachliche Kompetenz, Ehrlichkeit und Gutwilligkeit. Er hat echt um alles gesorgt. Er suchte nach Immobilien, die unseren Vorlieben entsprachen. Er kümmerte sich um alle Kaufformalitäten. Er führte alle administrativen Angelegenheiten. Der Kaufhandel läuft sehr einfach. Der Auftrag muss elektronisch unterschrieben und die Vollmacht muss erteilt werden. (Sie müssen jedoch Ihre Unterschrift bei einem Notar in Belgien bestätigen, wenn Sie nicht nach Litauen gehen möchten.) Da Litauen ein sehr schönes Land ist und es möglich ist, Immobilien zu einem sehr erschwinglichen Preis zu kaufen, haben wir ohne Bedenken mehrere Kaufgeschäfte durchgeführt. Jetzt betrachten wir Mindaugas als unseren Freund und er verwaltet unser Eigentum in Litauen. Und das alles zu einem sehr vernünftigen Preis.

Brigitte S.


At the end of 2020 with the assistance of Mr. Miskinis we have acquired a farm in Lithuania. This transaction took place in our absence which initially, of course, raised multiple doubts and questions. And yet Mr. Miskinis arranged the purchase very comprehensively and reassuringly, gave answers to all our questions, provided useful contacts who supplied plenty of necessary information. Even after the sale was finalized he assisted us to settle some matters. We are very contented with such outcomes and gladly recommend Mr. Miskinis to anybody looking to invest in Lithuania.

Allegra D. / Patrick F.


We have discovered the website IMMO.LT by accident and stumbled upon a plot of land to our liking in the third quarter of 2020. Based on our experience we can only recommend a collaboration and contract implementation with Mr. Miskinis. He is fluent in German, responds to any inquiry promptly and answers them without any exceptions comprehensively and extensively. He personally provides information to all the parties concerned and forwards all the officiated documents issued by the governmental institutions. The documents are being prepared in both languages and we needed to provide only the German part (notarization and apostille). We were able to replace local viewing with a direct video call which allowed us to create an adequate impression of the site and also to save travelling expenses. The process of acquisition takes place very smoothly and independently, only two notary visits are required in Lithuania – formalization of land purchasing agreement and then of ownership transfer documents. Right after this we got the response and the documents were sent to us. Even though there was almost no personal contact, we felt comfortably and securely as the service we received was very reassuring and trustworthy. Mr. Miskinis also undertakes to supervise all the preparatory stages before the transaction as well as further matters regarding maintenance or development. Our hope is that this collaboration will evolve into a permanent and secure business relationship.

Anja Z. / Alexander Z.


The website IMMO.LT posted an object that we found interesting. We contacted Mr. Miskinis at the end of 2019. And when we decided to purchase the object, Mr. Miskinis guided us every step along the whole acquisition process. We did not have the time required to attend the sale ourselves in Lithuania, therefore we granted power of attorney to Mr. Miskinis to do this in our stead. And he handled this role to our full satisfaction. We received all the details of the process and the communication took place in German which Mr. Miskinis is fluent at. Therefore, all the steps were taken smoothly and without any problems. Every one of our questions was answered immediately. The communication was professional and very gentle and polite so we were fully informed and well advised at all times. We sincerely recommend services of Mr. Miskinis and are truly grateful to him.

Sabine M. / Udo F.


When considering a country to purchase a summer residence in, I only accidentally stumbled upon Lithuanian properties to realize this prospect, however soon enough this possibility revealed all it's beauty and potential. Mr. Miskinis was a very friendly and expert consultant. During purposeful sharing of useful information, we promptly discovered an exactly right property and following extensive consultations we initiated the actual acquiring procedure. Everything went very delightfully and Mr. Miskinis did his best to answer an array of my questions and to find most appropriate solutions. Therefore, I can honestly recommend IMMO.LT.

Christian T.


During 3rd quarter of 2019 I stumbled upon an attractive plot of land in Lithuanian town of Palanga, which was being offered by Mr. Miskinis in the website IMMO.LT. His supervision of the selling-purchase procedure was outstanding. We communicated by e-mail. Business moves have been implemented promptly and every question of mine has received immediate response. Although I am a German resident, I spend winter months in Tenerife, therefore additional steps had to be taken, like translation of the documents from Lithuanian into German as well as Spanish, compulsory for notarization in Tenerife. I encountered no delays whatsoever; the purchase process took place very timely and fluently. As a buyer I did not encounter any stress and found everything to be very easy. Since very beginning of my work with Mr. Miskinis I felt comfortable and assured, and in case I decide to acquire more real estate in the Baltics, I will once again seek his assistance.

Crista K.


I recently purchased some land in Lithuania and beforehand I thought that I might stumble upon various difficulties or bureaucratic obstacles in the process. However it appeared that I almost did not have to get involved myself. I contacted Mr. Mindaugas Miskinis at IMMO.LT, indicated which plot I was interested in, and from then on it all happened quite seamlessly. I did not have to be present in Lithuania, Mr. Miskinis took care of everything in my stead. The service was outstanding and I would like to take this chance and express my gratitude once more for this flawless transaction, thank you!

Urban H.


Procurement of a Samogitian farm by Mr. Mindaugas Miskinis in July/August 2019. I was looking for a medium sized land with residential building in the Lithuanian countryside. As a result, I came into contact with Mr. Mindaugas Miskinis through the internet portal IMMO.LT, who offered me several possible objects from his portfolio at two on-site meetings in Samogitia in western Lithuania. I found the right one and Mr. Miskinis gave me a beautiful, larger property with an old farm, conveniently located, yet in beautiful quiet nature in Samogitia and only about 45 minutes from the Baltic Sea. Mr. Miskinis was a highly reliable, eloquent and expert broker from the first visit to the notary's appointment - and beyond. Through his friendly, trustworthy and accessible way, he has come in well with my ideas and was able to offer me a suitable object after a very short time. Mr. Miskinis speaks next to Lithuanian, very good German and English and was assisting me at any time during the settlement with words and deeds. I greatly appreciate his commitment and help, which extended beyond the notary's appointment. I can definitely recommend him. A client of Mr. Miskinis is in very professional hands! I am available for occasional queries.

Sven B.


Hello, Feeling tempted by Lithuanian real estate prices? Lack some knowledge, have some fears and doubt where to start? My suggestion is to contact Mindaugas Miskinis who will take care of it all. With his assistance I acquired several land plots, and everything went really well. He undertook to find the objects and to negotiate and eventually represented me during notarization. He also took it upon himself to manage all the related administrative matters. Usually the communication is comprehensive enough (historically Klaipeda used to be the Northern border of Prussia). The taxation of real estate is quite favorable. In case you decide to invest in Lithuania, I'd gladly explain the flow of the process. Mindaugas will forward you my (I am a Belgian from Luxembourg) e-mail.

Serge Z.